Productive Landscapes, Responsive Cities

Village and landscape Masterplan. Norway

Envisioning local energies and local teniques.

Dikemark is looking for its own new voice. Being adaptable, being capable to react to external stimullae, is important. Being Responsive means making an step further: reacting to external stimullae, but having the psicological, behavioral, human, aspects always in the equation.

Contemplation and production can walk together. Having a beautiful environment mixes perfectly with crops and sustainability. And we are not talking only about landscape, but about a more global and holistic concept. City farmers, countryland technicians, all citizens in an hybrid area.

24h clean energy, perfect for small-mediumd scale powerplants, Geothermal energy is ideal for Dikermark. Wind and hydro energy are also important.Dimensioning energy and food production for an upcoming future gives Dimemark surpluses until that moment, which will be an economic resource for the whole community.

The full system is based in the relationship between history, technology and future. Dikemark’s heritage is way impressive, and flows all over the region. Preserving and enhanicng these characteristics is essential to us. Preserving things is not only history to us, but also economics. Use, re-use, re-cycle, up-cycle, are key concepts in the way we understand this project. And history is not only relating facts, or preserving buildings, but feeding and growing relationships between local and regional heritage with the future. Being directly related and imbricated with local experts, techniques and technologies remain crucial.

Author /// Magicarch + PoCa

Location /// Asker, Dikemark

Client /// Europan 12


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