Molewa China, UNESCO Mont Lu

Integral proposal for a Gastronomy Experience

Philosophy of the design

Roof Strategy Design + Four core of communications

The ‘Blooming Gastronomy’ architecture design has a soft element that organizes the complete harmony of the project: the roof strategy. The green roof dialogues with the UNESCO Mount Lu due to the contrast views, it will allow to create a unique gastronomy experience outdoor  and a friendship space for visitors.

In term of organization, the main strategy is to bring all the useful space above the plot, that has the next reasons:  to create the useful space on roof top, to present a public square in the bottom of the building improving the visitors circulations, and to shelter the indoor programmes. In terms of technique,  the big roof has several functions but mainly it keeps the truss structure, it hides the installations, it supports the gardens and it keeps the climatic condition of the building in term of shadows and indoor temperature regulation.

The indoor experience of the main activities is easily adapted in a soft way under the big roof. The organization programme is made by four main groups of programmes that are identify with a code color: 1.DINING , 2.TAPAS, 3.LEARNING, 4. FARM. The programme groups are articulated by four main nodes of communications. These nodes will create the communication of the useful space and they will be the main support of the technical roof.

Commercial considerations and cultural Expression

The ‘Blooming Gastronomy’ architecture design is an active element to improve the socioeconomic aspects of the Masterplan system. The designed four blocks of programme activities are potential economic ones, they are designed with some added values:

– Promote a creative way to understand the food culture.

– Being involved in the Global trendy to learn about Healthy food as a tourism attractor.

– Linked to the flower theme to be in harmony with the Flower Ocean Masterplan identity.

– Diversity of food offers linked to the chinese identity local food and the foreign tastes.

-Possibility to rent the locals, classrooms, farms and store trolleys as a future economic investment.

Sustainable Design

The ‘Blooming Gastronomy’ architecture design is using the flower theme, in particular the Blooming idea as a support the sustainable system with the building and with the global warming.

‘The climatic system of the building works as a flower growing, being able to regulate and to create a balance of the thermoregulation of the temperature, the light, the shadows, the humidity and ventilations of the building, such as follows: The exterior transparent skin of the building help to the ventilation and transpiration of the building, the complete roof create a shadow that protect the activities from the sun, the roof design also protect the outdoor areas from the rain, the green area with trees, flowers and farms on roof top will create a natural evapotranspiration that will improve the air condition and will delete the air pollution.’

The social ecological design is creating an environmental awareness for the visitors due to it shows an evidence of the additional sustainable design elements, such as the wind mills, the cell panels, the green areas and energy system. Therefore the visitors will recognize it  as a sustainable design, creating a more ecofriendly sense.

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