Jump through the Hoop

Recycled Landscape for  Gronmo landfill

Oslo, Norway


What is a “contemporary equipped landscape”?

As a dense three-dimensional space wich maximizes the value of its location through stratification.

It would keep its temporal continuity, both in its day-to-night alternation and its capacity for seasonal variation, from the  deep cold of winter through a mild summer.

The “ENERGY HOOPS” are a sustainable infraestructure. This proposal allows on the one hand to improve three kinds of contemporary sustainable implementations, and on the other hand to recognize the power of the relation between technology and landscape, finding equilibrum between both of them.

The Energy Hoops are placed in different levels above the Gronmo landfill, so you can watch people swiming above your head and riding a bike down your feet, while you are running on your level path.

The strategy of the proposal maintains almost intact the topography of the plot, making softer only the hardest zones. We make a replanting of native aromatic species on the border zones of the plot. This new aromatic topography increases the regeneration period of the Gronmo landfill.

Author /// Magicarch

Location /// Oslo, Norway

Client /// Europan  9


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